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Support Kamutamba

We are so happy to realize that there are still so many great people in the world. Thank you for supporting us. 

You can donate money in three ways:

1) On our project bank account ‘Kamutamba Guesthouse’

Through the Koning Boudewijn Projectrekening – BE10 0000 0000 0404 please mention “128/2769/00066”. 

In Belgium donations from 40 euro can be fiscally deducted.

2) On the account of the Kamutamba Foundation:
BE65 7350 3929 5896

3) On the account of Kamutamba Bellem:
BE08 8900 2440 3413

How is your money spent?


A new income generating activity to boost the employment of women in the region around Ibenga. We want to set up a chicken production chain in which the entire process from producing chicken food, to breeding, to selling full-grown chickens, is carried out and led by women. The emphasis is on employment, mutual trade and empowerment, so that the women run this project completely indepentently.

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