Volunteering Opportunity

Kamutamba foundation and the St. Theresa Mission hospital in Zambia are looking for 1 or 2 persons (preferably a couple) for the position of general project manager and manager for the Kamutamba farm project,


The Kamutamba project is situated in Ibenga, Copperbelt Province, Zambia. In cooperation with the local St. Theresa Hospital, the foundation establishes various socio-economic and income-generating projects improving healthcare for the local community, to support local economic development and to create employment opportunities.

Main focus is on three projects:
Kamutamba farm (to be further developed).
Kamutamba guesthouse (fully operational).
Kamutamba Kiosk (fully operational).

Job Description 

Kamutamba Farm Manager:

Further development of small livestock project (poultry and rabbits):
- Monitoring and expanding of existing brooding capacity.
- Monitoring and expanding of various small livestock stocks.
- Development of various stock feeding programs.
- Marketing and sales.
Further development of horticulture and fruit cultivation project:
- Monitoring and expanding of existing horticulture facilities.
- Installation of greenhouses and irrigation.
- Expansion of existing orchard.
- Marketing and sales of fruit and vegetables.
Elaborate (market research and business plan development) on potential farming activities.

Kamutamba general project manager:
- Development, coordination and monitoring of fundraising activities and grant applications.
- Secretarial support for Kamutamba foundation in Belgium.
- Maintenance of relationship with local partners.
- Follow up on accountancy and administration of the various projects.
- Monitoring and further professionalization of local management for Kamutamba guesthouse and Kiosk projects.


Knowledge and experience in farming business is a strong advantage.
Knowledge and experience in hospitality business is a plus.
Knowledge and experience in construction is a plus.
Affection with and interest in Africa and African culture.
Excellent expression in English language.
Sufficient administrative skills.
Strong leadership capacity, fast problem detection and prevention, good co-operational and motivational skills.
Being entrepreneurial, practical, problem solving, creative and flexible.
Extended network for fundraising activities and/or experience with grant applications are a plus.
Available for minimum 1 year, availability for a period of more than 1 year is preferred.

What we offer

Exciting volunteering opportunity in Zambia.
Close support and guidance within Zambia and from the foundation in Belgium.
An agreement for minimum 1 year with option for renewal.
1 return air ticket per year per person to Zambia.
Allowances at level of local salary.
Free accommodation and facilities.
Insurances and social security.

Extra information and solicitation

Looking forward to a new adventure abroad? Please be invited to apply by sending CV and application letter to kamutamba@gmail.com.

Looking for more information about Kamutamba project and/or this job offer? Check www.kamutamba.be or contact Stijn in Zambia (WhatsApp: +260 97 3372044).
You can also contact the foundation in Belgium: phone: +32 473 814628 or email: edouard.gijbels@telenet.be.

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