The St. Theresa's Mission Hospital

Since 2012 public hospitals in Zambia are no longer allowed to charge patients a fee for using hospital services. This is because the Government wants free medical health care to be available to all Zambians. The Government pays for all hospital personnel costs and provides the most  commonly used medication.

This is a very positive development. However, hospitals, especially those located in rural areas, do not receive sufficient funds to cover all operational and running costs. The hospitals are not able  to cover all costs relating to building and equipment maintenance, transport, food (especially for the many malnourished children), bed linen, mosquito nets, or even all basic medication (as this medication is not sufficiently stocked in Governmental storage facilities, hospitals are forced to  purchase the medicine privately). 

Currently, hospitals in Zambia cover their shortages through NGO or Government donations. However, this assistance is insufficient and unreliable. To nevertheless ensure high quality medical care to poor and needy patients, St Theresa Mission Hospital started looking for more independent, sustainable, sources of income.

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