Kamutamba Kiosk

The Kamutamba kiosk is the oldest Income Generating Activity (IGA) set up by the St Theresa Mission Hospital. This small grocery shop, which also sells snacks, is located close to the hospital and is frequented by hospital staff, patient families, teachers and students of nearby mission schools and random passersby.

However, running the kiosk turned out to be a very time-consuming activity, which could not always be executed effectively and efficiently on top of the hospital’s core business. It was concluded that the kiosk’s potential was not fully utilized. Therefore, the Kamutamba team solicited the help of the Leuven student association ‘Academics for Development’ (AFD). AFD conducted a business diagnostic of the kiosk and made recommendations to increase its operations.

On top of this AFD created an easy to use Android app to simplify the kiosk’s administration and stock control. This user-friendly app runs on the kiosk’s tablets and facilitates the work of the kiosk’s employees. 

Additionally, in close cooperation with the hospital, a new business plan has been developed for the kiosk.  It has been decided that the Kamutamba project, instead of the hospital, will be responsible for the day to day management of the kiosk. This not only decreases the workload of the hospital. It also allows the Kamutamba project to be more efficient as certain costs (such as transportation, personnel and kitchen duties) can be shared between the different sub-projects. 

After having been fully refurbished and analyzing which products and snacks should remain on sale, the kiosk has restarted. The money of this Kamutamba project supplements the hospital’s budget, which is very much needed.

More pictures of the Kamutamba Kiosk

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