Kamutamba Guesthouse

The Kamutamba Guesthouse and restaurant were set up following the desire of the St Theresa Mission Hospital to generate reliable and sustainable income. Prior to the establishment of these establishments a thorough business plan was developed. This plan showed that the Guesthouse and restaurant would be economically viable and, in time, would generate a large proportion of the money needed to cover the running costs of the hospital. As such the hospital would therefore be less dependent upon external funding.

In 2016 the Guesthouse officially started operating. Currently the Guesthouse consists of nine fully renovated ‘Tukuls’, round self-contained huts, and a conference room. Guests can use the specially build guest kitchen to prepare their meals. The income which is generated by the huts and conference room already contributes to covering the running costs of the St Theresa Mission Hospital. 

Thanks to the generous support of Kamutamba donors, including the Provincial Government of Belgian Vlaams Brabant, a restaurant and a bar are currently being built. When more funding becomes available three additional huts will be added to the Guesthouse.

Below you can find pictures of the:

Kamutamba Guesthouse


Conference Room

Bar & Restaurant

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